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Our Vision - Quincy Interactive

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  • Our Vision - Quincy Broadcasting

    Our Vision - Quincy Broadcasting

    When you clicked on "Our Vision," we bet you were expecting the equivalent of an engraved sign on the office wall with some lofty words that really don't connect with the real world our employees and interns navigate every day. Not so.
  • Our Vision - Quincy

    Our Vision - Quincy

    A lot of company web sites are digital monuments that simply weather over time. You see the same stock images and lofty language today that you saw a year ago. The same can be said of a lot of vision statements. At Quincy, we think there's a better way.
  • Our Vision - Quincy Newspapers

    Our Vision - Quincy Newspapers

    Quincy's Newspapers Division is the historical foundation on which our company is built. It's also on the leading edge of our future, as the Quincy Herald-Whig and the New Jersey Herald embrace new ways of delivering top quality local journalism, advertising and community involvement to our customers.

It's a funny thing about smart phones. Making calls is the last thing some people do with them. If you're as connected as we suspect, you're probably using your phone to check the local weather radar and the top news of the day, share comments and photos with friends on Facebook, make reservations for dinner, search for information or directions and maybe do a little shopping. If we're right, your passion for journalism or sales is equaled only by your desire to learn and grow with the fastest-changing part of the media universe. If that sounds like you, Quincy's Interactive Division could be your next big opportunity.

Now that we've taken some educated guesses about you, we'd like to share some things about us.

At Quincy's Interactive Division, we're focused on meeting the needs of neighbors who run their lives on smart phones, tablets and computers, and on combining that effort with the power of television, newspapers and radio. Our goal is to be the trusted resource for our customers, when ever and where ever they need us.

In terms of delivering news, weather, sports and community information, Adam, the Internet Director for FOX28 in Elkhart/South Bend says, "The website operates on a deadline of now." When it comes to breaking news, being first and being correct go hand in hand. Bridget, the Internet Director at WQOW puts it another way, "News is moving at the speed of light and we get to be at the forefront of that." Allen, the Internet Director at WVVA especially values the role social media play. He says, "It's incredible how fast you can get responses posting news to the website or to social media."

Put simply, if you work as a journalist at a Quincy company, you can expect to publish unfinished and finished stories to our interactive platforms on a regular basis. You might send a tweet, a live streaming video report and a cell phone photo from the story location and follow that first tweet with several updates before you even return to the newsroom. The next step is meeting your broadcast or newspaper deadline. It can be a real challenge but there's a bonus for story tellers who just can't fit everything in for television and print. We encourage you to publish more information... more images and more video... on the web because our customers value deep coverage.

With rare exception, everybody on the team contributes something to our websites. The reason is simple: customers won't wait and one person cannot do it all. As Adam puts it, "In other jobs it's hurry up and wait." He says when you're dealing with our interactive platforms, it's "a constant rush" of hurry up and hurry some more because customers depend on us. That rush comes with the freedom and the responsibility to create entirely new content sections on the web and other platforms when ever the need arises. 

Advertisers depend on us too, to reach their customers in creative and effective ways. The key is creating the right message and figuring out when and where to deliver it. Sometimes, it's television or print. Sometimes it's a text campaign. Sometimes it's an ad bundle on the website. Sometimes it's all three. Amber, the Digital Sales Specialist at WKOW says, "I'm responsible for using our interactive platforms to meet both customer and station needs.  To achieve this I'm constantly learning so that I can educate our sales staff and clients."

Mike, the Internet Director at WREX, says the most rewarding part of his job is that he gets to cross into every department in the station because he plays a leadership role in major news, weather and sports coverage. He's also involved in marketing and large sales projects. "Outside of the General Manager, very few other people get to be involved in every major discussion."

All of this activity takes leadership at the station and corporate levels. Each television station and every newspaper has an internet director as an important member of its management team. All of our broadcast stations also have either a digital sales specialist or a traditional sales person with interactive media responsibilities.

Click here to read about how Quincy's Interactive Division is structured at the corporate level to help our stations and newspapers succeed in growing our business.