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    Our Vision - Quincy Interactive

    It's a funny thing about smart phones. Making calls is the last thing some people do with them. If you're as connected as we suspect, you're probably using your phone to check the local weather radar and the top news of the day, share comments and photos with friends on Facebook, make reservations for dinner, search for information or directions and maybe do a little shopping.

At the corporate level, the Interactive team is devoted to helping all of our local companies grow content, audience and revenue. Our team includes specialists in news content and technology, interactive sales, mobile sales and business support. Over time, we've chosen some of the best technology partners in the business to provide robust platforms and a great deal of local control. Check "related links" for a list of many of our partners.

As you would expect from the Interactive Division, we use technology to help everyone learn and grow. Our news and sales teams participate in regular, collaborative webinars. Mike says, the weekly web meetings and annual summits are very valuable. "It's a nice mix of market sizes and experience levels," he says. "You really get a chance to cherry pick the ideas and customize them for your market." Mike says when everybody shares, everybody benefits.

Our corporate leaders also do station visits and provide one-on-one assistance. Our goal is to remove any obstacle to success, to embrace new ideas and to try new things as we grow our business. WVVA's Internet Director says he appreciates the company's commitment to Interactive. "The emphasis our company is putting on that… in terms of having internet directors… the network of people helping each other… learning  from the other stations… seeing what may work and what may not. It's a deep pool of knowledge to draw on." Mike says the support systems are really valuable for incoming employees. "I would tell them that the training support you're going to get, it happens at the beginning… during… it's never going to go away. It's a great base for success. The nice thing about it is the culture now is all team oriented. You look around the room and you don't have anyone who isn't willing or doesn't know that the expectation is that everybody helps."

For more information about Quincy's Interactive Division, please feel free to reach out to the contacts listed in the "About Us" page. We look forward to hearing from you.