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Perry Boxx, WKOW News Director Perry Boxx, WKOW News Director
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    Our Vision - Quincy Interactive

    It's a funny thing about smart phones. Making calls is the last thing some people do with them. If you're as connected as we suspect, you're probably using your phone to check the local weather radar and the top news of the day, share comments and photos with friends on Facebook, make reservations for dinner, search for information or directions and maybe do a little shopping.
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    Our Vision - Quincy

    A lot of company web sites are digital monuments that simply weather over time. You see the same stock images and lofty language today that you saw a year ago. The same can be said of a lot of vision statements. At Quincy, we think there's a better way.
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    Our Vision - Quincy Newspapers

    Quincy's Newspapers Division is the historical foundation on which our company is built. It's also on the leading edge of our future, as the Quincy Herald-Whig and the New Jersey Herald embrace new ways of delivering top quality local journalism, advertising and community involvement to our customers.

When you clicked on "Our Vision," we bet you were expecting the equivalent of an engraved sign on the office wall with some lofty words that really don't connect with the real world our employees and interns navigate every day. Not so.

Instead, consider this. We asked News Directors across our broadcast group what they would want new employees and interns to know about "our vision." Perry Boxx, the News Director at WKOW Television in Madison authored the following paragraphs and guess what.... everybody thought it was right on the money. Give it a read:

I know this sounds simple, but at Quincy the difference is the understanding, at all levels of the company, that a broadcast license carries with it profound responsibility.  The people that work here "get it."   We are about local news, community service, going that extra mile to do what's best for the communities we serve.  We are family owned and that makes such a huge difference.  Sure, we're in business to make a profit.  You don't stay in business if you don't   But, the Oakleys have to look their neighbors in the eye every day.  They expect to be and are proud of what we print and put on the air every day.  There are so many companies where the license is just viewed as a license to print money. 

Don't come here to work in news if you just want to chase ambulances or just cover events.  Do come here if you want to investigate, dig out facts, pursue and speak truth to power and tell important stories about people--stories about jobs, politics, government, schools, health, weather, consumer news and the environment.  Stories that matter.

Come to work with us if you want to both learn something and teach something every day.  You'll join a staff that will help you succeed and live up to the high standards we set and that we expect you to set for yourself.  You'll work with the most modern technology and with people who love new ideas.  Oh, and you'll also have a fair amount of fun along the way. 

At the risk of sounding hokey, we believe that news isn't just an occupation.  It's a vocation, a calling if you will.  The people who work here understand there is a reason the First Amendment is first.  EVERYTHING about our way of life follows from those words.  What an honor and privilege to be charged with such awesome responsibility.  What an honor and privilege to work with people who share values that may seem old-fashioned to some but are a way of life at Quincy.