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Our Vision - Quincy Newspapers

Tom Van Ness, Quincy Herald-Whig Marketing & Promotions Manager Tom Van Ness, Quincy Herald-Whig Marketing & Promotions Manager
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  • Our Vision - Quincy Broadcasting

    Our Vision - Quincy Broadcasting

    When you clicked on "Our Vision," we bet you were expecting the equivalent of an engraved sign on the office wall with some lofty words that really don't connect with the real world our employees and interns navigate every day. Not so.
  • Our Vision - Quincy Interactive

    Our Vision - Quincy Interactive

    It's a funny thing about smart phones. Making calls is the last thing some people do with them. If you're as connected as we suspect, you're probably using your phone to check the local weather radar and the top news of the day, share comments and photos with friends on Facebook, make reservations for dinner, search for information or directions and maybe do a little shopping.
  • Our Vision - Quincy

    Our Vision - Quincy

    A lot of company web sites are digital monuments that simply weather over time. You see the same stock images and lofty language today that you saw a year ago. The same can be said of a lot of vision statements. At Quincy, we think there's a better way.

Quincy's Newspapers Division is the historical foundation on which our company is built. It's also on the leading edge of our future, as the Quincy Herald-Whig and the New Jersey Herald embrace new ways of delivering top quality local journalism, advertising and community involvement to our customers.

Herald-Whig Marketing and Promotions Manager Tom Van Ness puts it this way:

"Traditionally, people think of "the paper" as a place to read vital community news and see some great photography; as a way to get a job or sell something in the classifieds, as a way to find a great deal at a local store; and sometimes as pure entertainment. For many of our readers, there's nothing more relaxing than flipping to your favorite section over a cup of morning coffee.

We're glad they do. But we're so much more. We deliver deeper local news, information and sports coverage than you can get anywhere else in the communities we serve, both online and in print. We offer mobile coupons, mobile alerts, Twitter, Facebook, events and state-of-the-art technology.

These new platforms have made us a stronger resource for our customers. We're able to do everything a television and radio station can do, but with more depth and just as fast if not faster in this fast-paced thing we called life.

As we expand our technologies and our services, we're always looking for the best and brightest journalists, photographers, artists and sales people. We're looking for people who embrace our roots in print and who have a passion for using new technologies to gather and deliver our content.

With the Quincy Herald-Whig and the New Jersey Herald you have the opportunity to work in news or sports but not only with a pad of paper and a pencil.  We arm you with a video camera, digital camera, laptop and more.  You have the opportunity to be a reporter, broadcaster and tweeter in the same 5 minutes.

You can work in advertising and marketing. As if our papers weren't strong enough we have added mobile, concerts, inserts, direct-mail, entertainment and political web sites like TheLocalQ.com and we haven't even started talking about any of the dozens of special sections publications we put out every year.  Did we mention we have inside sales positions too? We do!

Do you have a creative eye?  We'd love to see what you see.  Whether it's laying out the digital front page of the paper, designing a full-page ad or creating a brand new section on one of our web sites, we have the need for creative people, minds and attitudes.

Newspapers carry a sense of tradition, pride and respect. Technology has just made it a lot easier for us to deliver that to our customers when and how they want it. This is an exciting time to be in our business. We hope you think so too!