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The best tech gifts and gadgets for under $200

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By Amir Iliaifar
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We know that the holidays can be stressful. Nobody likes dealing with the long lines or the sudden void of awesome gift ideas, especially if you're on a tight budget. While techie gifts make it easy to burrow yourself deep into January debt with just one purchase, we've rounded up some of our favorites from the other side of the price spectrum with our guide to the best tech gifts under $200.

PlugBug, $35

Looking for a nifty charging solution for your favorite Apple devices this holiday season? Look no further than the PlugBug from Twelve South. It integrates with your existing Macbook charger to add a 10-watt USB port, so you can simultaneously charge portable devices (like an iPhone, iPod, or iPad) alongside your Macbook, with one outlet and one charger.

Zeo Sleep Manager, $99

If one of your New Year's resolutions is to get a better night's sleep, the Zeo Sleep Manager might be just the tool to get you there. Combining both a headband sensor and app for either iOS or Android, the Zeo Sleep Manager tracks your sleeping patterns via the comfortable headband and sends sleep reports wirelessly to your smartphone. In the morning, it will wake you at the optimal point in your sleep cycle and give you helpful tips and pointers on how you can improve your nightly slumber.

Numark DJ2GO, $60

The perfect gift for would-be music makers, the Numark DJ2GO offers an awesome solution to your mobile DJing needs. Weighing in at only 13oz, the controller includes two platters along with a crossfader, pitch and level controls, and more. Simply plug it into a PC or Mac full of your favorite music and you're ready to start making those killer beats anywhere you go.

Kindle Fire, $199

Warm yourself around the Kindle Fire this holiday season – one of the most popular (and affordable) alternatives to an iPad. Amazon's most sophisticated Kindle yet offers an unprecedented selection of TV shows, songs, magazines, music and books, plus popular streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. Play games, browse music, and more, all in one portable and powerful 7-inch tablet.

iPhone 4S, $199 with two-year contract

This is quite possibly one of the only items on this list that needs the least introduction. The Apple iPhone 4S speaks for itself (literally, thanks to the intelligent personal assistant Siri). It features a powerful dual-core A5 processor, 8-megapixel camera, 1080p video recording, and Apple's iOS5, with more apps than any other ecosystem.

Roku 2XS, $98

If you're looking to channel your inner Ebenezer Scrooge this holiday season – and well into the new year — then why not start by cutting that costly cable bill that has been humbugging your wallet each and every month? With the tiny Roku 2 XS media-streaming box, you can do just that. It will stream your favorite movies, shows, and services including Netflix, Hulu Plus, Pandora, and many more. The Roku 2 XS even comes with a Bluetooth remote that lets you play Angry Birds on your HDTV.

Samsung Galaxy S II, $199 with two-year contract

Lording over all other Android phones on the market, the Samsung Galaxy S II is a top choice if you're are looking to give the gift of Android this holiday season. The Samsung Galaxy S II boasts a beautiful display, ultra-thin design, and a powerful dual-core processor. It also runs Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and features lightning-fast connection speeds, plus as a crystal-clear 8-megapixel camera.

Xbox Kinect, $199

An innovative new way to play games has arrived, and if you're looking for a gift for that special gamer then the Kinect is a great choice. With controller-free gaming and full body tracking thanks to a cutting-edge sensor and camera technology, the Kinect lets you experience gaming in a fresh new way.

Nintendo 3DS, $170

A portable 3D gaming experience awaits you with the Nintendo 3DS. Now you can enjoy your favorite Nintendo games and characters in impressive 3D without the need for expensive 3D glasses or TVs. You can also browse the Internet, and access a wealth of old Game Boy, Game Boy Color and classic Nintendo games on the 3DS' Virtual Console. When you tire of gaming, you can even sit back and stream your favorite movies and shows thanks to Netflix support.

Nocs NS400 Earphones, $99

We really loved these little Swedish beauties when they arrived on our desks earlier this year, and we couldn't pass up the chance to recommend them for your holiday shopping list. Not only do the Nocs NS400 offer superb audio fidelity, but the price is practically a steal, ranging from $65 to $100 depending on the online retailer.

Star Wars Mimobot Thumb Drives, $30

Let's face it, if you are shopping for a tech lover this holiday season, then chances you're also shopping for a Star Wars lover too. You don't need the wisdom of Master Yoda to sense just how amazingly awesome (and geeky) these tiny 4GB thumb drives are. Available in a variety of different characters, these ‘force ‘powered thumb drives will get you anything but a cold, Hoth-like reception come gift-opening time.

Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard, $170

Perfect for the tech junkie on the go, the Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard connects wirelessly to your iPhone, iPad, and many other smartphones and laptops. The device works by laser-projecting a keyboard onto any flat surface, allowing you the convenience of a full QWERTY layout so you can text, type, or compose emails easily on your mobile devices.

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