Main Street Keokuk hopes to renovate old buildings to boost down

Main Street Keokuk hopes to renovate old buildings to boost downtown area


Many historic buildings are crumbling in downtown Keokuk, but tonight there's a group trying to fix that.

The  building on 4th and Blondeau Street in downtown Keokuk used to be occupied by the Eagles Club.

It sat empty for years and started to fall apart.

Now, it's getting a big facelift.

"We are excited about that potential for new businesses coming in, new residents that we are serving a need," said Main Street Keokuk executive director Joyce Glasscock. 

Joyce Glasscock of Main Street Keokuk said the work being done here on the old Eagles building is just the beginning of a larger plan to clean up Keokuk's crumbling downtown buildings.

"We have fourteen buildings, projects, because some of the projects were multiple. We have had two that were purchased by private developers which is great. That is the perfect scenarios so those have come off our list. That leaves us with ten we can pursue," said Glasscock. 

Glasscock said $2.2 million will be spent on the old Eagles building alone, converting it into both commercial and residential space.

Glasscock said the goal for her non-profit group is to keep seeking funds to renovate more buildings.

"There are the buildings as we can just drive up and down Main Street, you can see it, I can see it, that need help," said Glasscock.

Kevin Kuckelman is a consultant on the Eagles building project and says restoration is a good way to per serve the charm of Keokuk.

"It is a great opportunity to demonstrate to the community that historic restoration works and that these old buildings can be viable and can be economically sound from years to come," said Glasscock.  

If you would like to find out more information on this project go to

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