Who is responsible if you slip and fall on ice?

Who is responsible if you slip and fall on ice?


With no chance of ice melting any time soon, and more winter weather possibly on the way, some sidewalks and parking lots are still pretty slick.

Attorney John Hauk with Blickhan, Timmerwilke, Woodworth, and Larson says the Snow And Ice Removal Act actually protects private citizens in Illinois from falling subject to a hefty lawsuit.

However, if you are careless in the way you remove your ice and snow or if you're a business owner, you might be skating on thin ice.

While one cannot be held liable for natural accumulation, such as fallen snow, or even slick ice, Hauk says a business owner is responsible for anything un-natural, "Specifically unnatural accumulations, which can be caused by a business owner stacking snow or from an overflowing gutter. Something like that. If someone slips and falls on ice related to that, that business owner would be liable."

While a home owner is offered a little more protection under this act, Hauk says business owners need to be very careful in the way they handle those removal situations.

He stresses that in most situations, it is better to remove that snow and ice to protect your family and neighbors, or patrons if you're a business owner, and that the Snow Removal Act is there to protect you when something does happen.

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