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Hundreds of people watch professional stunts at Cirque Musica Holiday show in Binghamton

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Floyd L. Maines Veterans Memorial Arena is normally the home of the Binghamton Devils hockey team. But Thursday night, there was a floor covering the ice and a stage made to house some death defying acrobatics.

“We have amazing acrobats on stage. Incredible talents from all over the world who have been doing this for generations" Jeff Moulton, choreographer and performance director of Cirque Musica Holiday, said.

Cirque Musica Holiday is a one night only show that keeps the audience on the edge of their seat.

"Crazy amazing acts! You have daredevils, aerialists, contortionists" Noemi Espana, a stunt performer said.

It featured contortionists like Noemi Espana who has been performing for over 8 years who said this years show is unlike like any other.

“I've done a Christmas Tour about four times. This one is the best one so far," Espana said.” Espana said.

A stunt that is sure to makes jaws drop is “The Wheel of Death”.

"It's not as sinister as it sounds, but it certainly is a dangerous act that takes years to prepare" Moulton said.

During the “Wheel of Death”, two people are running on giant wheels while being suspended in the air.

"You have them running inside and outside and jump ropes and jumping outside of it. It's crazy" Espana said.

What also makes the show unique, a performance.

"We bring together a 44 piece orchestra on stage. I'm so excited to hear this full harmonic this evening. Even a lot of Broadway shows don't get that same type of orchestra," Moulton said.

This year's theme is believe, a theme the show hoped to convey Thursday night through its incredible acts.

"Ordinary people will suddenly be able to do extraordinary things and I think that's part of the magic of the show" Moulton said.