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WKOW.com Closings and Cancellations Policy

Thank you for choosing WKOW.com for weather-related announcements. WKOW's policy is to publish announcements from schools, major employers, and government agencies online and on television. These announcements typically affect the most people and are most-urgent. We limit our televised cancellation list to these high-priority announcements so our viewers can see them in a timely manner. 

Cancellations for other groups and organizations tend to affect fewer people. These announcements are displayed only on WKOW.com, where time and space limitations are not a factor.

Schools and businesses which regularly make weather-related announcements may request access to our automated reporting system by emailing Internet Director Jacki Witkowski. Other organizations may call our newsroom to report a cancellation by calling 608-273-2727.

You can also find cancellations on 27 News' Facebook and on WKOW Twitter.